USB-DAC, он же USB-ЦАП Audinst HUD-mx2 file

Итак, коротко по теме беседы. Usb-цап, если на пальцах(да простят меня знатоки за такие упрощения) — это такая специфическая звуковая карта, работающая только на вывод звука. Кто не в курсе — обычные звуковухи умеют как вывод звука(то есть бубнить с помощью акустики), так и ввод(то есть слушать и записывать чужое бубнение с микрофонов и прочих звукоиздающих девайсов). То есть имеют внутри как ЦАП, ...


Audinst HUD MX2: The Versatile Little Champ file

Audinst, is a renowned Korean amp/dac manufacturer. They are based in Incheon, South Korea. The brand was established in 2009. The MX2 is the successor for MX1, and hence is the flagship amp/dac offering from Audinst. All their products are made in Korea.


REVIEW: Audinst AMP-HP - Portable Amplifier file

The AMP-HP is very well built for an amplifier in the ~$100 price range. A very solid and compact design, although not slim, and with a rather smooth surface and no sharp ends whatsoever. The volume knob is quite tight, which is a good feature as it prevents a sudden volume jump. The AMP-HP can only drive 3-pole 3.5mm plugs, so an adapter for mic'ed phones is a must, and the package does not inclu...


Audinst HUD-mx2 DAC: sweet and seductive sound stimulation! file

Audinst is the sub-brand of Audio Instruments Solution, a Korean brand created in 2009. Like the numerous growing companies riding the wave of on-the-move digital music listening, Audinst?s business proposition is rather subdued. Its catalogue only includes four devices: three convertors with amplifiers for headphones (HUD-mx1, HUD-mx2 et HUD-mini), and an autonomous amplifier model for headphones ...



HUD-mx2 od kórejského výrobcu Audinst je DAC (Digital to Analog Converter-digitálno-analógový prevodník) s integrovaným slúchadlovým zosilňovačom (Amplifier alebo v skratke Amp). Tieto relatívne špecializované zariadenia sú určené tým, ktorí majú na počúvanie hudby prostredníctvom stolového pc alebo notebooku vyššie nároky a bežná zvuková karta im nepostačuje.


PC-FI 와 HEAD-FI 의 시작… file

요즘은 기본 적으로 노트북 이든, 개인 데스크 탑 이든 PC 는 거의 개인이 한대 씩 소지 하고 있다. 심지어 어린 학생들 까지… 그렇게 되면서 특히 젊은 층의 경우 음악을 듣는 방법이 오디오를 통해 듣는 방법에서 PC 를 사용해서 듣는 방법으로 바뀌고 있다.


My review of Audinst HUD MX2 headphone amp/DAC file

Few basics first and then follows my review : I bought this from almost ten days back for Rs14000.The order was placed at 4.30 pm on 30 May 2013 and next day by 4 pm I had this device plugged into my Dell xps 12 . The packaging was excellent . I have been using Sennheiser 598 head phone .