Date 2016.06.22 
Language English 
All-in-one DAC/Amp for 500?  Correction – make it 398.  Well, what is the HUD-DX1?  Made by Korean audio company Audinst, the HUD-DX1 currently represents the pinnacle of the Audinst DAC/Amp development tree.  It’s just about packed everything possible into its rather small 104 x 120 mm industrial metal enclosure –including the latest (and depending on who you ask, the greatest) means of playback.  Yes, native DSD/DXD. Let’s not also forget the list of other fairly impressive features and components.  But wait you say–it’s more than twice the price of the original MX1!  And here is where I do apologize.  I’ve never had the opportunity to try the HUD-MX1 or MX2, so I can’t say with certainty how much of an improvement it is over these older models.  But it is an opportunity to look at the HUD-DX1 from an independent perspective.