The new product will release in the middle of July.
We will notice the price and the official release date of HUD-mini on our website.

- Application of high purity TCXO on Clock Generator of USB Controller
- Application of high performance ALPS potentiometer on head phone output volume controller
- Application of high grade film capacitor of WIMA on a low-pass filter terminal
- A total of five special purpose regulators, high performance low-ESR and many tantalum capacitors are applied for supplying stable and high quality power.
- The DAC power terminal is applied with high performance solid capacitors of super low-ESR & high ripple current.
- A highest quality metal film resistor of Vishay-Dale applied for high-end audio equipment is adopted.
- DDC function is mounted capable of outputting a USB digital audio signal to the S/PDIF (Optical TX).
- 88. 2 kHz is supported that is not supported by most of the USB Audio DACs.
- An anti-POP circuit is mounted for removing unnecessary noise generated when power is turned on and off.

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