The new product will release in the end of February.
We will notice the price and the official release date of HUD-mx2 on our website.

- Can be connected to an iPad (with a camera connection kit) or a smartphone (with an OTG cable) that supports the USB audio
- Adopts a high purity TCXO for the clock generator in the USB controller
- Adopts a high-performance ALPS potentiometer and the highest grade aluminum knob for the front panel volume controller
- Adopts a high level film capacitor from WIMA in the low-pass filter area
- Adopts total eight dedicated regulators and a number of high-performance low-ESRs and tantalum capacitors in main parts for stable and high-quality power supply.
- Adopts high-performance solid capacitors having super low-ESR & high ripple current in the DAC’s power side
- Adopts highest grade metal film registers from Vishay-Dale normally used for high-end audio equipments
- Quipped with the DDC function that converts USB digital audio signals to S/PDIF (optical TX) output
- Supports 88.2kHz signals that most USB audio DACs do not support
- Embedded with an anti-pop circuit to eliminate unnecessary noise when the power is turned on or off

You can get new product information if you click on the link below.