OS Windows 7 64bit 
Mother board Asus P8Z68-V LE 

My 3 year old HUD-MX1 is having issues. When it has been in standby for a while, the next thing I play has a weird slight distortion to it. If I unplug it and plug it back in (the usb) it goes back to normal until the next time it goes to standby for awhile.It started doing this ~6 months ago but is happening more and more frequently as time goes by.

Is there warranty on these?

Audinst 2015-05-12 pm 16:42


Could you let us know your serial number first?
You need to check your problem from other computers.

Well, we suspect there is a problem with the tantal part.


Bun-Bun 2015-05-13 am 06:01

The serial number is AISAA11K00192.

I will be able to test it on another computer in a couple weeks. I use the DAC at work.

Audinst 2015-05-13 pm 14:14

If you finish the test, let us know the results please.


audiofile 2016-01-24 pm 13:43

I have the same problem that has started recently. Unfortunately my serial number has been scratched off. It may have been this way when I opened the box; I have been pretty gentle with it and this is the first time I paid it any attention.