ddd Dec 14, 2016 21:35:09
5 261
OS win xp, ubuntu 
Mother board 3 different 

Why is the sound quality through this amplifier is worse than even a built-in PC sound card? Less detailed sound, the sound is not so clean.
Is connected via USB to the power supply and without. windows xp and linux
Headphones hd 650 and fostex t7 have same result

Audinst 2016-12-15 am 09:02


Could you let us know the serial number?


ddd 2016-12-15 pm 14:48

The information in my profile

Audinst 2016-12-16 pm 13:34


We have checked your serial number.

Well, we recommend that you try to use the power adapter.
And please try to change the gain jumpers when using a headphone with a high impedance.

Please see p.13

Also we recommend you try to be burn in DAC.
The time is about 100 hours.


ddd 2016-12-16 pm 16:35

Yesterday I was with my friend listened to this amplifier in the blind. The results are the same.
Amplifier embellishes the sound, making it sound like the sound of speakers, more "analog", bit more bass and more dynamic, but it lost parts of sound clarity.
Most importantly, the character of the sound is preserved for my high impedance headphones hd 650, ie, they sound worse than my computer's sound card. 

These headphones themselves are less clear and detailed sound with more bass than the other, and I expect that it will fix their amplifier. Character sound of headphone and amplifier simply added together and the result is obtained horrible. As a result, I received a lower quality sound than already had received no improvement in sound hd 650, ie, the money spent in vain.
I'll try to warm the device. But if I am not satisfied with the results, is it possible to diagnose the device, or return the money?
I just need to play music at an average volume of 100 hours?
While I used the device for several hours in 2 days since i got it.

I can not hear a certain difference in the sound of the connected AC-DC adapter  and without.

If i pull out the jumper, the sound is slightly different, but the overall sound character changes. It seems that with jumpers sound better.

Audinst 2016-12-19 am 10:13

It's highly regrettable that you don't like this dac.
Well, it's possible to refund the money.
First of all, please send us them and please request the return on eBay.

You can find our shipping information as follow;
1) Company name : AUDINST Inc.
2) Address : #801-1 Jooan Sibeom Gongdan, 17-1, Jooan-Dong, Nam-Gu, Incheon, South Korea
3) Postal code : 22123
4) Primary telephone : 32-875-8390