HikeBY May 22, 2016 03:34:36
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Dear Audinst,

could you please tell what is Audinst HUD-DX1 headphone output power for different headphones impedances?

Audinst HUD-DX1 specifications tells that Headphone Max Output Power is 1.5W @ 32Ω.

What is headphone output power for 60Ω? 100Ω? 200Ω,  etc.?

Thank you!

Audinst 2016-05-23 am 09:55


You can find them as follows;



HikeBY 2016-05-23 pm 16:06


Thank you for the information.

Could you please clarify other question.

Is it safe to use a headphone with impedance less than 300Ω on HUD-DX1 when jumpers (JP1, JP2) were removed?

Or I should set/remove jumpers every time I use headphones with impedance less than 300Ω and more than 300Ω?

Thank you!

Audinst 2016-05-24 pm 13:07

It does not need to be every time.
But because the volume is high when using the headphone with impedance less than 300Ω, you need to turn the volume down.

HikeBY 2016-05-24 pm 16:05

OK, it is clear.

Thank you a lot!