OS Windows 7 64bit 
Mother board MSI Eclipse SLI 

Dear all,

I am owner of Audinst Mini DAC and i was satisfied with it whole two years. Unfortunately i am facing an issue last couple of days. When i start my PC the DAC is not recognized properly. In Device Manager i can see "Unknown Device" and i can also hear weird cracking sound from my speakers. Unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable will magical fixes this issue until next system start (DAC is properly recognized and sound starts to play normally). Also i noticed that sometimes i can hear the cracking sound right after i start my PC (during POST) so i don't think it is a driver issue or anything related to OS.

What i tried:

- Re-flash the latest firmware

- Change the USB port

- Cleanup related drivers

- Hell i even tried to disconnect my system HDD and install a fresh OS on another one

Weird is that it is almost month after end of my 2year warranty (i bought it 26.1.2014) ... coincidence ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



Audinst 2016-02-23 am 09:52

Could you check on the other pc?

If you have the same problem on them, we need to check your product.

Could you let us know your serial number?

Stunherald 2016-02-24 am 06:41

Hello, I'll try to test it on PC of my colleague but that will take some time. In the meanwhile here is the serial number: AISAB13G00661

Audinst 2016-02-24 am 09:14

You need to send your product to check.

According to your serial number, you bought it from Sunnyline computer.

So if you send, you have to send to them.

You can find their information.


Stunherald 2016-03-03 am 02:07

Uhm, that "Sunnyline" is just a reseller. I bought it in one of our online shops in Czech Republic. Well it would be over-complicated to pass things through the shop, re-seller and to you.

Is there a way how to send it directly to you?

Audinst 2016-03-03 am 09:31

According to your serial number, it is the product that you bought from "Sunnyline".
We don't know why, but please send it directly to us.
We have sent an email.
You can find our shipping information.