TLN Dec 23, 2015 16:09:01
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OS Windows 7 64 bit. 
Mother board Laptop, HP tower, laptop at work 

My audinst mx-1 stopped working. Was working fine last week, but no sound this weekend.

Windows shows that it plays music through it, but I got no sound at all. LED on front panel stays orange. Double checked with two PCs at home and even brought it to work today.

What else can I do, and how can I fix it?


#SN: AISAA09L00693

Audinst 2015-12-29 am 09:21

Did you check both of output -headphone out and line out?
If the both doesn't sound, please check that the HUD-mx1 recognize.
If not, you need to send the product to us for repair.


TLN 2016-01-03 pm 15:18

I've tried both line-out and headphone, no sound.

Win 7 recognize Mx-1 as sound interface, and system mixer shows music is playing through it. But let stays orange, and there's no sound. Tried this on 3 PCs - same result everywhere.

Let me know how can I ship it to repair.

Audinst 2016-01-04 am 11:29


We need to check your product.

Then please send them to us.

We will send our address to your email.


Audinst 2016-01-20 pm 16:37


We have repaired your product.

Your problem is 793475 parts, so we replaced the parts with a new one.

We will ship it by korea post tomorrow.