※ Notice

1. Make sure to connect DAC (ex. HUD-MX1, HUD-MX2) to the adaptor before connecting to smart device (a smart phone or tablet)

(It is possible to operate it by the battery power of a smart device but requested to use the power supplied through DAC adaptor as the battery power is not sufficient to drive it and may cause damage to the smart device) 

2. In case of ‘HUD-mini’ that is designed to use without connecting to a separate adaptor, it is mandatory to use it after connecting to a separate ‘powered Hub’ as the problem described in 1 above is reasonably expected to occur.

※ Warning

It is only ‘HUD-MX2’ that formally supports the ‘USB Audio’ function among the compatibility items. 

And, in case of 'HUD-MX1' and 'HUD-mini', ‘USB Audio’ function is not formally supported and we are not liable for any problem caused by the reason.

*It is with regret that we are not able to conduct the test for all smart devices in the market due to the limitation to get them all. 

We will try our best to provide you with information on the test results as much as we can.

All the information provided above is applied only to the devices being used in Korea and may slightly differ from the devices being used outside of Korea.

(Especially, the specification of the devices manufactured by Samsung varies depending on country/ communication carrier they are used and may a lot differ from the information provided above)