Boon Mar 27, 2019 21:41:56
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OS win 10 

Hi admin or support or fellow audiophiles 

I wish to check if i can purchase or replace the battery inside my audinst amp-hp. 

apparently the portable amp now only works with my adapter plug in ... 

without it ... there is no power. I have left it with the charger for hrs 

its still the same .. so kindly advise me on where i can find a replacement battery 。。 thkQ

I just ordered a SS op amp v5i  .. planning to switch it in .. end up i am stuck with this battery

issue .. pls kindly guide me on this issue thkQ 

My location is base in Singapore

yours sincerely


Audinst 2019-03-29 am 10:08


Unfortunately, the Amp-HP model has been discontinued so we have no spare battery.

We will try to find that can be purchased, if we find them we will let you know at that time.


Audinst 2019-04-01 am 10:10


We have found the battery.

Boon 2019-04-06 am 06:06

thkQ i will check it out thks alot