Mx2 Jan 14, 2019 23:09:49
5 128
OS Windows 10 
Mother board P8p67 pro 

Hi, i have problem with my mx2. Right chanell is a little bit louder than left, and it’s probably potentiometer fault. So I want to replace it but i don’t know which will fit 

Audinst 2019-01-15 am 09:57


Due to the nature of analogue volume, it is recommended to set the knob’s volume to over 25% (“9 o’clock”) at least.
When you set the knob's volume to over 9 o’clock or more, if the problem is the same we need to check your potentiometer.
Or if you can replace it yourself we can ship it.


Mx2 2019-01-15 pm 15:37

Yeah, i know about it but balance problem is in all range. A few day ago it was okay. I checked other usb cables and even with power supply. What i noticed is that, if i turn on mx2 and play some musisc it seems to play good and for about 1 min it’s going to have balance problem.

Audinst 2019-01-15 pm 17:00

Then, we need to check your device.
So if necessary, we may have to replace the potentiometer with a new one.
As we've said before, we can ship the potentiometer if you replace yourself.
Otherwise, you can send to us to repair.
Please decide it.

Mx2 2019-01-15 pm 19:33

So what’s the cost of that potentiometer ? And shipping to Poland ?

Audinst 2019-01-16 am 08:45

You can pay $8 then we can ship it via Korea Post.
Anyway, our service team said it's hard to replace the potentiometer. (soldering etc.)
Please think again, and then let us know your opinion.