Esti May 25, 2018 13:32:47
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OS Windows 10 64bit 

When I plug the adapter pin in,the sound doesn't improve obviously,so I wanna ask :

1.Does audinst hud-mx2 automatically cut off USB power when adapter pin is plugged in or USB power is still working?

2.If USB power is still working,which one is the main power,USB power or adapter?

Audinst 2018-05-28 am 10:10


HUD-mx2 automatically cut off USB power when adapter is plugged in.

When using USB power the voltage to the analog circuit is about (±) 4~5V, when using an adaptor, the voltage is about (±)12V.
Without the adaptor, this product can be operated only with USB power in most computing environments. 
However according to the system when the voltage of the USB port is low, a little noise can occur. 
So please don't turn up the Windows Volume to the max, it is recommended to set the Windows Volume to about 80%. 
Also normal operation may not be possible when using a powerless USB hub under unstable power conditions, with some notebooks, or with low-power computers. 
In such cases, the adaptor must be used when connecting to an iPad or a smartphone before use. 

Also, users who use a headphone with impedance values over 150Ω have to use the adaptor to use the HUD-mx2 to get the maximum sound output.