Blyahin Jun 21, 2017 23:20:19
5 274
OS Windows 7 64bit 
Mother board ASUS X-99-A II 

Hello, Audinst.

I have a problem with my HUD-DX1 after 3 month of exploitation. The sound quality and volume decreased dramatically (very low). I'l try started DX1 on two different PCs (and laptop) and two kinds of headphones (audiotechnica M50x and Sennheiser HD599), started with a power supply and without a power supply.  Nothing helps. The LED indicator is working properly, the sound is heard, but quality is very low. Please help.

Audinst 2017-06-22 pm 16:31


If you have a speaker, please try to check them.
We need to check on the speakers first, and then please let us know the results.
Then we can identify the problem.


Blyahin 2017-06-23 am 01:09

I tested the sound on headphones and speakers on different PCs the result is the same. The sound quality and volume decreased sharply.

Audinst 2017-06-23 am 08:51

Then, we need to check your device.

Please fill out this form and then please send your device to us.


Blyahin 2017-06-28 am 03:16

sent an email

Audinst 2017-06-28 am 08:42

We have checked your RMA information.

If we receive your device, we will let you know it at that time.