Sak Jun 14, 2017 16:01:42
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I have a question about new products of Audinst.

I very like your DAC's, especially HUD-DX1, which i use every day. 

 When do you plan to release a new DAC ? Hope it will be soon.

What dac chip you will plan to use ? Hope it will be Sabre 9038pro or AK4497EQ. 

Thanks for answer! 

Audinst 2017-06-14 pm 16:42


Thank you for purchasing our HUD-DX1.

Now we don't have any plans but we are always thinking about a new product.

Anyway, thank you for your opinion.

Have a nice day.

Sak 2017-06-14 pm 17:13

Thanks for answer ! Anyway, good luck guys !

TT 2017-07-17 pm 15:36


I am a big Fan of your products.

And i am waiting the new dac from you too.

It must be based on the new Sabre chips ! Very hope it will be soon : ) 

Audinst 2017-07-17 pm 17:43

Thank you for your opinion.

Have a nice day.