Bundes Jun 10, 2017 20:21:28
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OS Android 7 

My HUD MX2 works without any problems with my PC or laptop using USB connection. When I connect my Galaxy S6 and HUD MX2 by USB OTG cable, everything looks OK - indicator lits yellow and when I start playing music, indicator lits green. But there is no sound. It is the same without supply adaptor or with supply adaptor connected. I have Android 7 now and it was the same on Android 6 before. I have tried several OTG cables - without any success. Thanks a lot for any help.

Audinst 2017-06-12 am 10:36


Well, please try to update this firmware;


After you update this firmware, if you have a problem on the PC or laptop, please update this firmware;

This firmware is for the factory reset.



Bundes 2017-06-19 am 03:10


yes, it helped. It's OK now. Why this firmware is not among downloads?

Thanks a lot.

Audinst 2017-06-19 am 08:54

Because this firmware can be confusing with normal firmware.