Picani Feb 14, 2017 00:30:20
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Hello Audinst

I've been using my HUD-mx2 for almost 4 years now and it'd always working perfectly. However, since a week there is a problem with the right channel. There almost no sound in it.

I can confirm the problem is from the HUD-mx2:

- If I plug the headphone is my laptop, there is no problem so it's not the headphone.

- If I use another amp with the HUD-mx2 as DAC there is the problem.

- If I use the HUD-mx2 as amp/DAC combo, there is the problem.

- I tried with two different computers, each one having Linux and one having Windows 7, there still the problem.

Moreover, the device has never been misused or chocked (it has never fallen).

Is that a known issue? What can I do to fix it?

Thanks for your response.

Audinst 2017-02-14 pm 14:46


Well, we need to check your device.

If possible, please send us them.

You can find our shipping information as follow;

1) Company name : AUDINST Inc.

2) Address : #801-1 Jooan Sibeom Gongdan, 17-1, Jooan-Dong, Nam-Gu, Incheon, South Korea

3) Postal code : 22123

4) Primary telephone : 32-875-8390


Picani 2017-02-19 am 03:12


Thanks for you quick response!

Here are good news: I tried with a third computer (an office one) and there is no problem with the device. But that means that my computers are not working well...

However, I noticed that not only both channels were working, but the HUD-mx2 was able to produce louder sound. I lost the AC adaptator a while ago and use the device only in USB-powered mode. Do you think that can mean that my computers lack power on USB plug? And so, using an AC adaptator could fix the problem?

Following that, is it possible to get a new adaptator?

Thanks again for your response and your amazing device!

Audinst 2017-02-20 am 09:56

Even if you use an AC adapter, you can't fix the balance problem.

We can't understand that there is no problem with the device when you try to use a third computer (an office one).

We have a question.

When using the third computer, there is no the balance problem?

Picani 2017-02-28 am 03:12

I'm sorry to respond that late, I didn't see your post.

When using the third computer, there is no balance problem. By office computer, I mean a standard workstation computer, not a laptop. The two first computers are laptops.

When I use the laptops, I have the balance problem. When I use the workstation, I have not. In all case, I don't use the AC-adaptator with HUD-mx2. Since the laptop are working with battery, maybe the power in the USB plugs is lower than in the workstation's USB plugs. And so, I wonder if the balance problem could be due to a bad powering of the HUD-mx2 by the laptops's USB plugs.

Note that I'm not working in the (micro)electronics field, I'm just trying to use my high-school physics lessons to understand what's going on :)

Anyway, since the HUD-mx2 is working on at least one computer, I deduce that the HUD-mx2 is not injured, and that the balance problem comes from the computers the HUD-mx2 is not working with. (I'm sorry to use such an heavy sentence, but I want to be the clearest I can).

Audinst 2017-02-28 pm 16:12

There may be a problem with insufficient USB bandwidth.
When using your laptop, please try to use the USB hub with a power supply.
And then please check the balance again.


Picani 2017-03-01 am 07:38

I don't understand what you mean by "try to use the USB hub with a power supply". Do you mean using the power supply of the HUD-mx2 or the power supply of my laptop?

If it is the power supply of the HUD-mx2, I don't have it anymore. On the back of the device, I see DC 12-15V. Is 12V-5A DC good?

Thanks for your response.

Audinst 2017-03-02 am 09:31

Look at the picture on the bottom.
You can find know the USB hub we said.


If you use the adapter, we recommend using the 15V 1A.
Well, you can buy them from us.
The price is $10.00.


Picani 2017-03-06 am 00:21

Thanks for the explanations. I'll look for such an adapter around me and I'll give you a feedback.

Picani 2017-04-27 am 02:20

Hello Audinst

I found an adapter but it did not fix the problem.

However, I managed to fix it (by chance!). Without I know why, it was my computer that had unbalanced the sound. After an update, I noticed the sound level had changed, I reset it and magically it was balanced again.

By reset I mean moving the sound level to 0 (not mute) for all sound cards in the system mixer, then move it back to the max. The HUD-mx2 was plugged in when I did that.

Just for info, I'm running Manjaro Linux xfce edition on a 64 bit computer. It's not the first Manjaro (or Linux in general) system I run and I never had this kind of problem before.

Anyway, I can enjoy the device again!

Thanks one more time for your fast support.

Audinst 2017-04-27 am 09:01

That's fortunate.

Thank you for your information.

Have a nice day.