Evgeniy Dec 12, 2016 22:47:06
2 195
OS Windows 10 64bit 
Mother board MSI B150M 

My audinst HUD-DX1 stopped working. No sound, though before working fine. Windows shows that it plays music through it, but I got no sound at all (Headphone Out and Line Out). LED on front panel stays orange for PCM and green for DXD. Double checked with two PCs, HUD-DX1 fine recognize both PCs as sound interface, and system mixer shows music is playing through it.

What can I do, and how can I fix it?


#SN: AISAD15JB0102

Audinst 2016-12-13 pm 13:16

Well, we need to check your device.

If possible, please send us them.

You can find our shipping information as follow;

1) Company name : AUDINST Inc.

2) Address : #801-1 Jooan Sibeom Gongdan, 17-1, Jooan-Dong, Nam-Gu, Incheon, South Korea

3) Postal code : 22123

4) Primary telephone : 32-875-8390

Audinst 2017-01-03 pm 14:45

We have received your HUD-DX1 today.

We will check them.