OS Android Mui7 global/international 

Hi, just a long shot... I'm looking at buying this phone and ideally want to be able to use Pandora...


Audinst 2016-05-30 am 09:06

Unfortunately, we don't know the compatibility because we didn't check the Xiaomi Mi5 model.


Mike 2017-02-05 pm 12:00

Hi, I have found that they are not compatible. Sorry!

I do like this DAC though, use it all the time.

Albeit that my windows 10 has an issue that after the computer 'sleeps' if doesn't recognise the DAC any more. With video online I can unplug/replug, but with Spotify I have to shut down the software and restart.

Audinst 2017-02-06 pm 14:37


Thank you for your information for the compatibility first.

Well, please try to disable the USB sleeping mode in the Power Options.