OS Windows 8.1 64bit 
Mother board HP Split 13 X2 PC (E8C34UAR#ABA) 

Device powers up when plugged in but only shows yellow light:

In audio => playback devices, device does not show up.

In device manager => recognized as USB AUDIO DEVICE with Status: Device cannot start (Code 10); STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR

Default driver being used is Windows32's USBAUDIO.sys.

This device used to work perfectly with this laptop and the others but now no longer functions.

I unfortunately do not have the serial code as it has been worn out and have  had the device for probably more than three years.

I am hoping to send it to Korea to be fixed but need an address to do so.

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,

Eugene P.

Audinst 2016-04-25 am 08:47


We have sent a email for address.

Please check it.


pezele 2019-07-08 pm 16:44

I have the same problem with HUD-MX1

Yellow light on device. Error of driver.

What is the solution ?

Audinst 2019-07-09 am 09:06


We need to check your device.

Please make this RMA.


And then please send your device to us.


pezele 2019-07-09 pm 21:28

You wrote above (2016-04-25 am 08:47 ) "We have sent a email for address. Please check it." I thought you already have a solution to this problem.
The shipping from Europe will be expensive. Maybe just send me appropriate drivers, which it will install manually (WIN10 64bit).

Audinst 2019-07-10 am 08:51

HUD-mx1 has no any drivers.

In other words, HUD-mx1 don't need the drivers.

About we wrote above (2016-04-25 am 08:47 ), we sent our shipping information to repair the device.

pezele 2019-07-11 pm 18:42

Of course there are drivers for this device. As for any other USB device. And it was a software problem because the card started to work properly. You should improve the service. Not every fault requires sending the device. I am disappointed with your service and your product.