Q1. The DAC of MX1 support up to 24bit/192KHz,but the USB input just support up to 24bit/96KHz.So there is limit of output sample?
=> The maximum spec of USB controller is 96kHz. The maximum spec of the HUD-mx1 with a built-in Wolfson Microelectronics WM8740 D/A Converter is 24bit/192kHz, the maximum spec of Tenor TE7022L USB Controller is 24bit/96kHz. The TE7022L is one of the best spec around, the HUD-mx1 is designed to display maximum function of USB Controller and DAC.

Q2. I'm trying to use Kernel Streaming in foobar2000 (and other media players) but without success. My OS is WinXP with SP3. ASIO with Asio4all driver is working great but not Kernel Streaming. Is there any solution?
=> The typical way to use directly communication with the sound card without the KMixer is the kernel streaming and a ASIO mode. This is the best way using the ASIO4all when you use the USB Audio Interface, because the player of foobar2000 etc. can't use the kernel streaming in Windows XP.
For your information, it can use normally the kernel streaming in Windows 7.

Q3. HUD-mx1, can you please publish RMAA* or similar measurements of the headphone output performed with a reference audio interface and preferably also with various Ohm loads?
If you click on the link below, you can download it you want.

Test results for HUD-mx1 RMAA;
※ Input Device ESI MAYA1010 SNR: 107dB (ADC: AK5384)
1. Headphone Out - AKG K601(120ohm)
2. Headphone Out - AKG K240DF(600ohm)
3. Headphone Out - loadless
4. Line Out

Q4. Do you have the passthrough driver for windows xp?
=> Please check with this driver installation.

Q5. Gain Jumper Setting
Is there any difference in sound quality between the high and low gain settings or does it simply provide more power for higher impedance headphones?
=> When using more than 300 ohm, headphone, if you think you are not good enough to hear, you have to use the external adaptor and please over-setting(high gain settings).


Q6. I use 600ohm headphones on the 6.3mm jack but i sometimes use 32ohm IEM's on the 3.5mm jack.
Is there any way to set the 6.3mm jack to high gain while keeping the 3.5mm jack in low gain?
I noticed there are two jumpers.
=> As you know, to use 600 ohm headphones, you have to set over-setting using jumpers. There is no a special way to use both you want, but if you want to do so, we recommend that you keep the Windows volume down.
It will help to use both at the same time.

Q7. Knob position for optimal lineout level?
is a optimal volume postion for the 2V ptp lineout level known?
Is a option for konstant lineout volume known? Because i dont need the volume control for my amp.
and there is really no way to by-pass the volume poti for the lineout? Maybe soldering somewhere a cable with a resistor
We recommend that you turn the Windows up to maximum volume, and let the analog volume be set to the direction in about over two. Then it can become the 2V PTP. It is no way to by-pass the volume for the lineout.
However, when you turn the Windows and the analog volume up to maximum volume, it have a by-pass effect because it don't pass through nothing.

Q8. Just curious so if the opamps and such are operating on +/- 12V with the power adapter what voltages are they operating on in USB powered mode?
=> When using the USB, the circuits is worked by on +/- 8v.

Q9. Watching blu-rays
Just got the mx1 tonight and am very pleased. It works perfectly with music via foobar2k.
However, when trying to watch movies via WinDVD, the picture stutters and there is no sound. Is there a workaround for this? I'm using Windows 7.
=> We suspect that Codec is a problem.
Please update the latest Codec or we recommend using the KMplayer.
Basically, the KMplayer have a lot of the latest Codec, so you can watch movices without the problem.

Q10. Output impedance
I see the Mx-1 can drive headphones up to 600 ohms, but exactly ohw much is the amp output impedance ?

The impedence of headphone output is 5 ohms.