If Thesycon official driver offered in Audinst home page is installed, 'Audinst DSD DAC Control Panel' icon is registered near the window volume controller at the right lower side of the window wallpaper.



1. In case of normal Native DSD play, DSD sound samplerate is indicated in the column of “Audinst DSD DAC Control Panel – Status”.



2. Basic setting of Format item is '2 channels, 32 bits' (change not required).


3. Basic setting of USB Streaming Mode in Buffer Settings item is 'Safe'. Basic value of ASIO Buffer Size is 'Auto'


In case of no special reason, it is not necessary to change the setting value. But, if system bandwidth is insufficient, raise or lower the setting value.



4. You may use the Volume control.


As volume control does not work during Native DSD play, do not operate it!! (Be careful as only noise comes out during volume control)


- For volume control of Native DSD play, be sure to use the analog volume controller at the front of HUD-DX1.




5. In Info item, you can check USB Audio controller chipset information and driver version.