● DXD(24bit 352.8kHz ~ 32bit 384kHz) play and high sound quality, no loss sound source (44.1 ~ 192kHz FLAC / APE) play are very simple

① foobar2000 installation

② WASAPI component installation

③ foobar2000 - WASAPI output setting

④ DXD file play

1. Download foobar2000 program to install.


2. If you want to play DXD sound source, download foobar2000 WASAPI output component to add.


3. Set foobar2000 output device in WASAPI mode.

foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Playback - Output - Device - WASAPI (event) : Speaker (Audinst HUD-DX1)


4. Play the DXD file.


In case of DXD sound source play, DXD file samplerate is indicated in the play information (status indication) window of foobar2000 and Audinst DSD DAC Control Panel.


For DXD sound source play, use WASAPI output or ASIO output. However, please note that DS mode (direct sound output) is not supported. (In “foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Playback - DSP Manager”, if Resampler is applied, DXD play is possible in DS mode. However, it is not recommended)


In case of DXD sound source play, all foobar2000 gain control and output level gauge graph normally work.


WASAPI / ASIO output is applied equally to high resolution format, high quality sound source (PCM) play of 24bit 96 ~ 192 kHz.


44.1 ~ 192 kHz no loss sound source (PCM) can be played in DS mode (direct sound output), but resampling output also possible by window mixer. Thus, to play high sound quality in Bit Perfect mode, WASAPI / ASIO output method is recommended.