● Installation order and setting to play Native DSD.


① foobar2000 installation


② ASIO component installation


③ Installation of DSDIFF Decoder and Super Audio CD Decoder


④ Native DSD Play Setting



※ Installation of foobar2000 and additional component


After downloading the program from foobar2000 to install, if applying the component additionally, you can use ASIO output and WASAPI output. You only need to add the applicable component to use ASIO and WASAPI output and to apply the subsequent setting.


http://www.foobar2000.org  --> You can download the program and various components here.




1. Download foobar2000 program to install.





2. Use ASIO output to play Native DSD in foobar2000.

Download ASIO output component to install.




3. To play DSD sound source in ASIO output, you need to install DSDIFF Decoder and Super Audio CD Decoder.



3-1. Download DSDIFF Decoder.





3-2. Unzip the downloaded foo_input_dsdiff.zip in the Components folder where foobar2000 is installed.


Folder path to release compression is C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\components.



3-3. Download Super Audio CD Decoder.





3-4. If unzipping the downloaded foo_input_sacd-0.8.4.zip, the folder contains the following files.


- Execute ASIOProxyInstall-0.8.3.exe to install.


- Execute the file of foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component to install.



4. If the installation of foobar2000 program and additional component is completed, execute foobar2000 and apply setting in the following order.



4-1. foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Playback - Output - Device - ASIO : Set to foo_dsd_asio.


4-2. Select foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Playback - Output - ASIO - foo_dsd_asio and double click foo_dsd_asio.


4-3. ASIO Driver : Set to Audinst ASIO Driver. DSD Playback Method : Set to ASIO Native.



4-4. Set to foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Tools - SACD - Output Mode – DS.


4-5. Play the DSD file.


- DSD file generally has dff or dsf extension. Normal DSD file is played in Native Mode. DSD sound source samplerate is indicated as shown in the red box at the bottom of foobar2000.


Besides, when playing Native DSD, output level gauge graph and gain control at the top of foobar2000 player are in no response. Audio play device automatically disappears at window sound setting as follows.


That is, If DSD file is properly played in Native mode, it is normal that audio device disappears in the window.


In case of PCM mode play instead of Native DSD play or in case of incorrect DSD file, samplerate is indicated in 44100 Hz during the play. Foobar2000 output level gauge graph and gain control and window volume control operate all together. Audio device does not disappear in the window and stands still

※ If 'ASIO : foo_dsd_asio' output setting is applied, general PCM sound source (44.1 ~ 192kHz) as well as Native DSD play and DXD can all be played in Bit Perfect mode.


※ If DSD file is played in WASAPI or DS mode, file play is possible. But, sound output does not work and audio device does not disappear in the window sound setting but stand still. Then, don’t be flustered. Change foobar2000 output device to 'ASIO : foo_dsd_asio', and audio device in the window sound setting disappears and sound source of DSD file being played works normally.


※ Set to foobar2000 - File - Preferences - Tools - SACD - Output Mode – PCM, and sound output works even when playing DSD file in WASAPI or DS mode. However, it is not recommended.


※ As ASIO output and WASAPI output are an audio output type to directly control a hardware device at driver kernel level, audio play in a web browser or other programs is not permitted at all while using ASIO output or WASAPI output. That is, if you want to use ASIO output or WASAPI output, execute it after finishing all audio plays including other player plays and web streaming sound play in YouTube.