Version v4.11 
Operating System Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 
File Size 1.61MB 
Release Date 2017-06-12 

* Fix: BSOD if a device implements a playback path only and no recording path

* Fix: bug in time bomb restriction: potential infinite loop

* New: IgnoreInPath/IgnoreOutPath/IgnoreFeedbackEndpoint registry
       parameters (used for testing purposes only)


* New: Workaround for "Unknown publisher" warning pop-up
       in uninstall panel in Windows 10


* Chg: Thesycon handles full customization by default,
       DSK and DCK available to customers

* Chg: Driver uses new license mechanism

* Fix: Conversion of 32 bit pointers in the x64 driver in case
       a 32 bit application uses /LARGEADDRESSAWARE

* Chg: Installer setup.ini supports separate driver packages for
       Win7 and Win10, required for new signing requirement
* Chg: Driver package now contains 32bit and 64bit API DLLs on 64bit systems

* New: Registry parameters DisableKsVolMuteIn and DisableKsVolMuteOut