Version Release_F 
File Size 372KB 
Release Date 2013-08-20 




HUD-mini firmware has been updated as the latest version.


- Updated Content -
It is a Release F firmware that fixed Operation Error of Indicator LED when returning suspend mode in some systems.



- Additional Correction Content -
A green color is displayed during sound reproduction.



- Update Method -
When you run VIAFwUpd.exe file in the file folder after you unzip downloaded firmware, "Firmware download successfully!" message appears. Press "Confirm" and reconnect USB after pulling it out, and then firmware update is successfully completed when audio device is normally recognized in Windows.



- Caution !! -
Firmware update should be done with the complete stop of all players and sound output.



- Caution !! -
It takes about 1 minute to update the firmware, and when it takes too long or "Firmware download successfully!" message doesn't appear, it may be due to the conflict with other USB devices. In that case, retry it after removing other USB devices connected to the computer except HUD-mini. Connecting HUD-mini to USB 3.0 Port may cause a malfunction, so make sure to connect it to USB 2.0 Port.



- Caution !! -
When you pull out USB cable or shut down the computer while you update the firmware, it may cause a failure (device recognition failure).



- Caution !! -
You should run firmware file on Microsoft Windows Operating System since it is a tool for Windows.



- Caution !! -
Because this firmware file is for HUD-mini only, you must use in only HUD-mini. If you use it with other device it is broken so you should be taking extra caution.