Version v2.29 
Operating System Windows XP 
File Size 1.28MB 
Release Date 2015-10-02 

This is a driver installation file for HUD-DX1 Windows.




- Install the Driver -

After connecting HUD-DX1 to the computer's USB port where the Microsoft Windows operating system is installed, if you download, unzip and run the driver installation file, the driver installation will be processed automatically.

If the driver is not installed properly, unplug and reconnect the USB cable connected to a computer body or HUD-DX1 and then re-run the driver to proceed with the installation.

After the driver installation is completed, set 'Audinst HUD-DX1' in Windows sound settings as the default and use it.





※ If you press mouse right-click – player on the speaker icon in the system tray under the lower right of Windows desktop, you can set the Windows sound.



- How to remove the driver - 
If you want to remove the audio driver installed in Windows, please remove My Computer - Control Panel - Programs and Functions - Audinst Driver.