The Finest Quality DAC with Pow-
    erful Dual Headphone Amplifier

    HUD-mx2 presents perfection-like sound
    quality from DAC no one has ever experienced
    before, with its unique circuit organization and
    highest quality components. This unit supports both stereo phone jack and stereo mini jack
    standards without requiring a separate gender
    converters, while its dual headphone output
    provides enough driving power to be used with 600ohm headphones, providing clear and high
    fidelity sound.

    High End Performance

    Our high-end audio USB DAC
    provides the dramatic high quality playback, bringing out the latent
    possibilities of PC Audio from
    computer-based average audio
    quality to CD-quality sound
    through our advanced


    ● Can be connected to an iPad (with a camera connection kit) or a smartphone (with an OTG
        cable) that supports the USB audio
    ● Adopts a high purity TCXO for the clock generator in the USB controller
    ● Adopts a high-performance ALPS potentiometer and the highest grade aluminum knob
        for the front panel volume controller
    ● Adopts a high level film capacitor from WIMA in the low-pass filter area
    ● Adopts total eight dedicated regulators and a number of high-performance low-ESRs and
        tantalum capacitors in main parts for stable and high-quality power supply.
    ● Adopts high-performance solid capacitors having super low-ESR & high ripple current
        in the DAC’s power side
    ● Adopts highest grade metal film registers from Vishay-Dale normally used for high-end audio
    ● Quipped with the DDC function that converts USB digital audio signals to S/PDIF (optical TX)
    ● Supports 88.2kHz signals that most USB audio DACs do not support
    ● Embedded with an anti-pop circuit to eliminate unnecessary noise when the power is turned on
        or off

    24bit/192kHz High-Quality
    Sound Playback

    Adopting the newest Vinyl EnvyUSB 2.0 Audio
    Controller from VIA, high-quality sounds with a
    maximum 24bits/96kHz from a USB input and
    24bits/192kHz from the optical input can be played back with no loss of quality from the sound sources.
    Additionally, with the embedded PCM1796,
    a high-performance DAC offering a 123dB
    dynamic range from Ti, the HUD-mx2 demonstrates
    high-resolution sound quality and hi-fi audio quality.

    Simple and Neat Overall Curve

    Its overall smooth curve design features
    reverberating silver color to reflect
    elegant fashion, replacing previously
    hardened looks often found on the front panel of DAC. The design also eliminated any complicated words, making it look
    simple and convenient for the users to

    Installation of Temperature Compensated
    Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)

    TCXO is made of an extremely thin crystal, creating peculiar
    vibration when applied with electricity. It is often used on
    resonance circuit to generate uniform frequency of electronic
    circuits. However, frequency error in which vibration counts of
    TCXO vary can arise depending on outside temperature, and such
    appearance can become a main reason for errors or frequency
    distortions on precision electrical equipments. In order to reduce
    frequency discrepancies due to exterior temperature, TCXO
    uniformly maintains interior temperature within crystal oscillator
    and fixates the frequency, making it an essential component for
    audio equipments sensitive to frequencies.

    Mounting of Highest Level Op-amp and High-
    performance Headphone Amplifier

    Because the I/V converter and filter circuits are designed into the DAC
    output terminal, strictly conforming to the standard Ti design and
    mounting LME49860, a highest grade op-amp from National
    Semiconductor and OPA2227 and OPA2134 from Ti are placed at the
    optimum positions to produce the best sound quality, successfully
    realizing the high-performance and high-fidelity audio sound with the
    optimum balance and very low sound distortion as well as ultra-low
    noise. Additionally, the mounting of TPA6120A2, a high-fidelity
    headphone amplifier from Ti, allows users to use headphones with
    impedance values under 300Ω when using it in the factory default state
    and enjoy sounds with enough volume from the headphones with high
    impedance values of 600Ω after removing the gain jumpers (JP1 and JP2) inside the main body of the product. The high-quality audio signals
    generated through a number of highest level components can be
    transmitted to a speaker, an earphone or a headphone, providing users with a hi-fi level sound environment.

    Embedded High-performance, Ultra-low-noise LDO Regulator and Inverter on the Power Source Side

    A simultaneous supply of positive and negative voltages is necessary to
    activate the dual-power-type high-performance op-amp. This enables
    the creation of the highest level of abundant and high-density analogue
    signals that can be generated from hi-fi sound equipments by supplying a positive voltage to the op-amp circuits through a high-performance
    inverter circuit after undergoing a rectification process that converts the
    supplied power from the USB port or an adaptor to high and stable
    quality, noiseless power through a high-quality LDO regulator and a low-ESR capacitor.

    Automatic Power On/Off and Power Saving Function

    Because this product is designed to automatically turn the power on or off when the computer power is turned on or off or enters the power-saving mode when it is used in the USB input mode, it maximizes user
    convenience and the efficiency of power usage.

    Supporting of USB Bus-Power

    Without the adaptor, this product can be operated only with USB
    power in most computing environments. However according to the
    system when the voltage of the USB port is low, a little noise can
    occur. So please don't turn up the Windows Volume to the max, it is
    recommended to set the Windows Volume to about 80%.
    Also, normal operation may not be possible when using a powerless USB hub under unstable power conditions, with some notebooks, or with low-power
    computers. In such cases, the adaptor must be used when connecting to an iPad or a smartphone before use. Also, users who use a
    headphone with impedance values over 150Ω have to use the adaptor
    to use the HUD-mx2 to get the maximum sound output.


    Installation of Protective Circuit for Speakers and

    HUD-mx2 incorporated protective circuit system for the speakers &
    headphones, preventing any potential damages by temporarily cutting-off loud signals entering the speakers & headphones during the playback,
    when switching Input Toggle & Off Switch.

    Activation of the Protection Circuit When Making
    a Connection or Disconnection of the Adaptor

    The normal procedure to use the adaptor is make a connection to the
    USB port after making a connection of the adaptor, but it does not go out of order if this procedure is not followed since a protective circuit is
    embedded. It is normal to hear a distorted sound temporarily when you
    connect or disconnect the adaptor during use, since the distorted sound
    is a phenomena occurring when the protective circuit operates.

    88.2 kHz Support

    88.2 kHz rarely supported on most of USB Audio DAC is supported
    in native mode. 88.2 kHz support enables a multiple up-sampling
    relative to 44.1kHz, which is an audio CD format.

    ※ Installation by being downloaded with a separate driver from website enables use of Qsound (Windows XP excepted) and
    AC3-Passthrough function from windows, and is supported by 24bit/88.2kHz and the like.

    Convenient Portability and

    Typical hi-fi DAC is inconvenient to carry
    around due to its large size, yet USB DAC has
    the advantage of being small and lightweight
    for the purpose of using it connected to the
    computer. As the unit gets smaller, the
    function of DAC reaches its limit and sacrifices with low quality audio sound. Our HUD-mx2
    has overcome such limit to the maximum,
    developing ultra lightweight, compact DAC
    with reduced drop-off in audio quality.
    You can enjoy the music with highest quality
    possible audio sound wherever the computer
    is and, with its plug and play function,
    HUD-mx2 automatically becomes compatible under any circumstances, guaranteeing simple operation without the need to install
    cumbersome drivers.