Omnidirectional Dual Condenser Microphone

Audinst Condenser Microphone presents the standard of microphone

We present the standard for microphones based on our numerous years of know-how in making audio products. AM37DP is a dual head condenser pin microphone that is omni-directional. It can establish a system where 2 people can record at the same time. As it is interchangeable with 4 and 3 poles, it can be used interchangeable with a majority of devises – PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, camera, recorder – without other power units.

Dual Condenser Microphone AM37DP
capable of simultaneous recording by 2 people

AM37DP is a dual head microphone that can record the voices of two people at the same time.
Requiring no separate power unit, it makes an environment where two people
can record once it is connected directly to the devise.
Two microphones can also be used by one person.

AM37DP with outstanding intelligibility
Sturdy design and stable performance

High Sensitivity Condenser Microphone
Omnidirectional Pickup Type

It is an omni-directional high-sensitivity condenser microphone
that can uniformly receive sounds coming from all direction.

Condenser Microphone

Omnidirectional Pickup Type

Dual Head

Simultaneous recording of 2 people

Interchangeable with various devises


Sturdy and large diaphragm
Equipped with high quality unit and parts

Clip fix hook and tailor-designed wind screen enhances intelligibility of receiving sound, while the units used for large diaphragm is made with aluminum that boosts sturdiness and stability. Equipped with high quality parts and units, it can perform outstanding performance at various environments.

Wide-range of use (3 pole/4 pole unit) Interchangeable with various devices

Designed as 4-pole, it can be used interchangeable on devices with head-set/mic combination including 4-pole unit laptop or smart devices (smartphone, pad, tablet PC, etc.).

AM37DP is 4-pole. It can be connected directly with 4-pole unit laptop, smartphone, table PC without gender.

It comes with ‘3-pole converting gender,’ and thus can be used on devices interchangeable with 3-pole units including general desktop PC, laptop with separate head-set and mic, DSLR camera.

When using on desktop PC, mirrorless/DSLR camera, connect with enclosed ‘3-pole converting gender.’

AM37DP can be utilized in a variety of ways

It can be used for simultaneous interview recording for two people, internet broadcast, game voice chatting, recording via various devices (smartphone, PC, laptop, camera, recorder, etc) and other events. It is an omni-directional microphone that can uniformly receive sounds coming from all direction.
Personla internet broadcasting (YouTube, Africa TV, etc.)
FPS / Strategy Simulation Game Voice Chat
Internet telephony (Skype, messenger, etc.)
2 people can record at the same time
Usage at diverse events

Dual Condenser Microphone AM37DP

Package Contents

• AM37DP Body
• Windscreen
• 3-pole converting gender
• 3-pole converting cable (Length : 8㎝)
• Pouch

※ The above color and parts are subject to change without notice for performance improvement.

  • Two microphones can also be used by one person.
  • Interchangeable with computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, DSLR camera.
  • AM37DP is 4-pole, and using enclosed 3-pole converting gender, it can be used interchangeable with a variety of devices.
  • For smartphone without audio port (lightning, USB C-type), use 3.5 converting gender.
  • High quality recording is possible tailored for Youtube live broadcast, gaming and video recording.


Type : Condenser Microphone (Dual type)
Polar Pattern : Omnidirectional
Frequency Responds : 100㎐ ∼ 10㎑
Sensitivity : -52.5㏈±1㏈
Operating Voltage : Min.1V / Max.10V
Current Consumption : ≤ 0.5mA
Signal to Noise Ratio : ≥ 58㏈
Mic core : Dia.9.67mm*2
Length : 1.2m