Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

Audinst Dynamic Microphone presents the standard of microphone

Having the know-how producing professional audio products for many years, Audinst presents the standard of microphone. AM35D is a versatile dynamic microphone with high-end applications suitable for general purpose. Applied with a special coil, it is unidirectional pickup type and demonstrates excellent frequency response in soft tone.

AM35D offers optimized vocal quality

The dome design of the microphone reduces ambient noise and excellent frequency response provides sound quality optimized for vocalist.
Unbeatable high end special coil has been applied to reproduce original sound.

AM35D with excellent ability to reproduce original sound
Applied with high end special coil

Soft tone! High sensitivity dynamic microphone
Unidirectional pickup type

AM35D has a smooth tone and excellent frequency response.
AM35D is great for vocals and recording as it is unidirectional pickup type reducing the level of
the ambient sound and only extracts the necessary notes without being disturbed by the noise.

Dynamic Microphone

Unidirectional pickup type

Special coil

High-quality units and components used
Comfortable grip

AM35D has a stylish design, excellent grip and shows a professional look. High-quality units and components are mounted to minimize the effects of ambient noise and fully demonstrate the performance as the microphone for vocalist.

AM35D with various applications

AM35D can be used in various applications such as vocals, home karaoke, various events, and music broadcasts. The unidirectional, minimizing howling and noise, demonstrates exceptionally powerful performance for vocalist.
Home Karaoke
Music broadcast
Religious facilities
Various events

Dynamic Microphone AM35D

Package contents

• AM35D body

※ The microphone cable and accessories are not included as standard accessories.

※ The above color and parts are subject to change without notice for performance improvement.


Type : Dynamic
Polar Pattern : Hyper Cardioid
Frequency Responds : 75㎐ ∼ 16㎑
Sensitivity : -54㏈ ±2㏈ (0㏈=1V/1Pa, 1㎑)
Impendace : 380Ω Balance
Max. SPL for 1% THD : 260 ±10g
Output Connector : Lockable On / Off Switch
Height / Weight : 174(mm) / 260g