Unidirectional Condenser Microphone

Audinst Condenser Microphone presents the standard of microphone

Having the know-how producing professional audio products for many years, Audinst presents the standard of microphone. The AM27P is a clip-on condenser pin microphone with a unidirectional pattern. It delivers clear sound without noise. It uses a terminal with 3 pole polarity by default, with a 4 pole Y cable provided, so it can be used widely for 4 pole devices.

A ruggedly-designed
unidirectional condenser microphone

The design protects the microphone unit and is built to be rugged
to reduce ambient noise and provide optimized sound quality.
It comes with a distinctive special unit with superior sound articulation.

The AM27P features a rugged design
with reliable performance
and outstanding sound articulation.

High Sensitivity Condenser Microphone
Unidirectional Pickup Type

As a unidirectional pickup type microphone, it reduces the level of the ambient noise,
and is excellent for recording as it only picks up musical notes, without the interference of additional noise.

Condenser Microphone

Unidirectional pickup type

A rugged design
with a high quality unit and components

A clip holder that can be fixed in place and a dedicated windscreen ensure outstanding sound articulation, and the unit is made of solid aluminum material for stable performance. A high-quality unit and components are used to minimize the effects of ambient noise, ensuring the microphone performs well in a variety of environments.

Wide scope of usage (3 pole / 4 pole terminals)
Compatible with various devices

The microphone provides for 3 pole polarity, and can be used for devices that are compatible with 3-pole terminal polarity, such as regular desktop PCs, notebooks with a separate jack for headsets and microphones, and DSLR cameras.
The 4-pole Y-cable is also compatible with 4-pole terminal notebooks and smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) with a headset / microphone combo terminal jack.

※ Note : When using the 4-pole Y cable, please note that if you plug the microphone into the headphone output terminal, the microphone unit may be damaged.

AM27P with various applications

The AM27P can be used in various environments such as for Internet broadcasting, game voice chatting, musical instruments, studio recording, and at various events. The way the unidirectional microphone minimizes howling and noise is outstanding.
Personla internet broadcasting (YouTube, Africa TV, etc.)
FPS / Strategy Simulation Game Voice Chat
Internet telephony (Skype, messenger, etc.)
Instrument recording
Studio Recording
Usage at diverse events

Condenser Microphone AM27P

Package contents

• AM27P body
• Windscreen
• 4-Pole audio Y splitter cable

※ The above color and parts are subject to change without notice for performance improvement.


Type : Condenser Microphone
Polar Pattern : Unidirectional
Frequency Responds : 80㎐ ∼ 18㎑
Sensitivity : -47㏈±3㏈
Output Impedance : 680Ω
Current Consumption : 500㎂
Signal to Noise Ratio : 70㏈
Decreasing Voltage : -3㏈
Operating Voltage : Min.1V / Max.10V
Maximum Input S.P.L. : 110㏈
Weight : 30g
Length : 2m